June 3, 2013


Love.your.blog.D O W N!!!

THANK YOU!!!! i’ve been absent for a while but i’m coming back


Are there any ballrooms or houses in Miami??

Yes there is a thriving scene in Miami right now, ask around the gay scene, you’ll find something

November 4, 2012


Where can I download these ovah beats?!?!??!??! =^_^=

check out the DJs on facebook, search kevin jz prodigy, vjuan allure, DJ mike q etc.


I LIVE for your blog.

Thanks, I live for your blog and your NAME <3


Hi :) I got a question....who are Butch Queens ? I really don't know,but I'd like to know more about Vogue :) xoxo

Butch Queen (BQ) refers to a gay male individual in the ballroom scene for example BQ vogue fem, BQ face, BQ sex sire; as opposed to fem queen (FQ) which is any transgender individual who is transitioning from male to female i.e. becoming a woman. FQ performance, FQ face etc.


how do i book a vogue performer? is there a contact list?

Look the person up on facebook

August 28, 2012


Gottta love ur blog <3<3 xoxo

THANX Bae <3<3 mwah :3


Legendary Skittles Khan vs Katrina Ebony [Video] @Philly 1st Friday 03.02.12

August 16, 2012


your blog is perfection...

awwww thanks just trying a little something honestly <3<3

August 2, 2012


What do you use to make gifs. I won tbs and i wanted to start making gifs

photoshop cs5  :D

July 30, 2012

Legends Statements Stars: I feel the need to explain... →


Now there is no shade, I have been neglecting this blog in humongous proportions.

I do apologies to all those that have enjoyed seeing my posts and have stuck by me in the beginning - I seriously appreciate you. And thanks to those who have still followed even when content was getting dry -…

AWWW, thanks so much for the mention, I feel honored, I started my blog beacuse of you <3 <3